Tuesday 2 February 2016

Happy Valentine's Day Eddie!

The Pinterest geek Valentine I created for my husband.

I love Pinterest and husband... so why not combine the two :)

Wednesday 25 February 2015

new address

Dear friends,

I have changed my email address again:

Meg Yu

Friday 7 November 2014

I Hate Bugs!

Cali got a prize for her reading at school, good for her bad for Connor and me.  This is what she got:

It's a tricky little bug that she throws up and sticks to the walls and ceiling.  This is what I woke up to in my room this morning, giving me a heart attack.  Connor will not go into a room where this bug is because it has fallen on him at least twice.  He freaks out.  

Here's to yet another toy I won't miss.

Monday 20 October 2014


Tonight during scripture study Lexi pulls a tiny lunch kit off her shelf.  Quietly she says to herself, "Oh good my secret spy kit" quickly followed by, "Shoot I said that out loud!"

Best scripture study in a while!

Friday 3 October 2014

All I Can Say is...

... that Connor is so lucky that he is the third kid. May I say that I am a lot more mellow than I was when Cali was 2.

Isn't he the cutest little Batman?  I can't believe he is 12 pounds already.  
What a chunk!

Connor attacked Bemme yesterday.  If you can see in the photo above Bemme has scratches on his face and head from Connor.  It looks like he was attacked by Catwoman!  I will be more diligent in keeping Connor's claws as short as possible.

While I was getting the girls ready for school Connor dumped an entire box of Cheerios on the table.  

I have been teaching the Beehives lately to focus on the positives in the life... so here goes.  There was also an open jug of milk on the table that did not get dumped.  He had taken the lid off and was thinking something but didn't follow through with it.  I am grateful the milk was not spilt. I also discovered that our microwave has a keypad lock (this will be in use regularly).  Two positives to focus on today.

Let the terrible twos begin!

Monday 22 September 2014

The Zoo and Other Things

I have finally found a friend like me who hates being at home!  Every day the kids have off school we find a place to go, last Friday was the zoo.

Connor was not impressed when other kids climbed the stairs on "his" play structure.  As far as he was concerned no one should be playing at the park but him.  I wish you could see his face in the picture a little better, he has the "angry Tucky" face on.  Oh, if looks could kill!

The "Angry Tucky" face in full force. 
The crew all together!  We had nine kids in total that day.  We rock!

Everyone was beat after a long hot day at the zoo and all wanted a ride back to the van.  Here is Michelle pushing 8 kids on her Croozer.  See if you can spot them all!

 Before Nyin-Nyin left on Saturday we went fro dim sum and she bought the kids Chinese outfits.  They all looked so cute dressed up for church on Sunday. Thank you Nyin-Nyin!

Anyway the kids are all in bed and I need to head there too.  Didn't much sleep last night, Bemme was up with tummy pain.  (I had better cut back on the spicy food.)  Good night! 

Wednesday 17 September 2014

Chinese Food

Ed's Mom is visiting, so I took her to T and T market.  Connor loves to look at all the live seafood that he lovingly refers to as "fish".  Due to his interest Nyin-nyin thought it would be a great idea to buy a fish for supper.  She asked me to pick one out while she did a bit more shopping.

Won-Ton at the fish market.  

As I watched the fish swim around I felt that I should choose the fish that was a strong swimmer, then I felt bad thinking that he shouldn't be the one to die, he had a good life ahead of him.  Maybe I should choose the one with a missing eye hanging out in the corner, because he looked depressed.  Then maybe the missing eye and the lack of movement meant he was unwell and wouldn't be healthy for us to eat.  So I decided to not choose a fish and leave it up to Nyin-nyin.  

When she returned she was clearly unhappy that I had not chosen a fish.  She took the initiative and had Connor point at the fish that should die.  (I later told him that he made the fish die,  I know I am scarring my young children.)  The worker climbed up and caught the fish in net, then threw him on the table and whacked him with a hammer on the head.  The fish's sad body was then placed on a scale, where it became active once again.  The worker seeing the activity then threw the fish at the wall and then he hit the floor. Do you see why I couldn't choose the fish?  (On a side note another shopper was quite entertained by my facial expressions during this experience.) 

The fish continued to flip and flop during the rest of the trip, each time scaring the pants off me.  I am not used to things in the shopping cart dancing besides Lexi. 
Lexi and the Moon Cake.

Nyin-nyin bought moon cakes.  I had the girls try them:

girls: What does it taste like?
me: The moon
girls: What is made out of?
me: The moon
Lexi: The moon tastes a-gusting. (Lexinese for disgusting.)
Cali: Do you want my moon cake Mommy?
me: I am not going to taste it! You said it tastes gross!  Why don't you give it to your Uncle Darryl?
Cali: Oh Uncle Darryl, we have something special for you!
Lexi:  Oh Uncle Darryl!!! Do you want to taste the most delicious cake ever!?!?!?

(Oh, the weather has turned around and the girls are now complaining about the heat.)